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Resources for Dietitians

Anti-aging medicine is an exciting and new area for Dietitians. Find resources for Dietitians here! Learn more about this up and coming area of Dietetics!

Blogging as a Business

Dietitians - ask me how i created a business based on blogging

Did you know that you could make money Blogging?!?

Blogging is a legit way to bring in multiple streams of income, on your own time & from the comfort of your own home, without seeing patients.

Click here to learn more about the Blogging Accelerator Program. This online course has all you need to start your very own website and blog! Earn passive income through digital products and your expertise as a Registered Dietitian.

List me (Kathryn Piper) as your referral source. Please note I earn a small commission as an affiliate to the program.

You can also check out Katie Dodd’s Dietitian Side Hustle website for more information on the program.

Additional Resources for Dietitians (coming soon!)

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