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How to Reap the Skin Benefits of Kelp

In the realm of natural skincare, the ocean offers a hidden gem—kelp.

While often celebrated for its nutritional value, kelp’s beauty nutrition benefits remain relatively untold.

This blog post explores the benefits of incorporating kelp into your skincare routine, shedding light on its role in achieving glowing, healthy skin!

Kelp: A Nutrition Powerhouse

Sea kelp, also known as seaweed, is a type of large, brown algae that grows in underwater forests along coastlines around the world.

Kelp is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and essential nutrients, serving as a powerhouse for skin health.

Below are kelp’s benefits for skin:

1. Rejuvenation

2. Hydration

Woman with Healthy Skin smiling
Kelp Benefits for Skin

3. Detoxification and Breakout Prevention

4. Anti-inflammation

Sea Kelp
Sea Kelp

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Incorporating Kelp into Your Skincare Routine

So, how can you harness the kelp’s skin-loving magic? Here are a few ways to incorporate this wonder weed into your beauty routine:

DIY Kelp Mask

Treat your skin to a spa-worthy experience with a DIY kelp mask.

Simply mix kelp powder with water or yogurt to create a paste, and apply it to your face for 15-20 minutes.

Rinse and bask in the post-kelp glow!

You can also purchase a skin-soothing Kelp face mask.

Woman in a a Kelp Face Mask
Kelp Face Mask

Kelp Baths

Infuse your bath with the goodness of kelp.

Check out this Whole Seaweed Detox Bath to nourish and hydrate your skin.

Let the seaweed’s soothing properties soothe and moisturize while relaxing in the bath.

Woman in her bathtub taking a kelp bath
Kelp Bath

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Kelp in Your Diet

Sea kelp is a surprisingly versatile ingredient that can be added to your diet in many ways.

Fresh Kelp

  • Salads: Shredded fresh kelp can add a salty, umami flavor to salads. Try it in a seaweed salad with cucumber, carrots, and sesame seeds.
  • Stir-fries: Add thinly sliced fresh kelp to stir-fries for a boost of nutrients and a slightly slimy texture, similar to okra.
  • Soups: Kelp can be simmered in broths to add depth of flavor. Try adding a kombu strip (a dried kelp knot) to miso soup or dashi broth.
Seaweed Salad
Seaweed Salad

Find a seaweed/kelp supplier here – Atlantic Seafarms.

Kelp Supplements

For a daily dose of kelp’s goodness, consider taking kelp supplements.

Kelp can be found as a powdered supplement. It is a concentrated source of nutrients and can be added to smoothies, sauces, or baked goods.

You can also find kelp supplements in capsules.

Consult your doctor before starting any new supplements, especially if you have thyroid issues.

Bowl of kelp and a small bowl of kelp powder
Kelp Powder & Kelp

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Takeaways: Kelp Benefits for Skin

Kelp is a powerful ally in your quest for healthy, radiant skin.

Its antioxidant and moisturizing properties combat dullness, wrinkles, and dryness, while its anti-inflammatory and detoxifying powers keep acne and irritation at bay.

So, why not give this undersea wonder a try?

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