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Tony Defying Age through a Passion for Acroyoga

Welcome to the Defying Age Spotlight.  This segment will introduce you to everyday people who are defying age!

These amazing individuals will inspire you! About 25% of Aging is genetics. The rest is up to you!

Read on to learn about Tony, and how he is Defying Age!

Tony hiking in the woods

Tony Leong

Age: 50 

Information Technology Professional

Tell us about yourself

I’m a father, and I love working out and staying active. Learning new things and meeting new people is important to me!

I work in the field of Information Technology. Most of the day I am sitting in meetings or conference calls. When I’m away from work, I want to be outside and moving!

I’m a runner and have done several marathons. Triathlons became a part of my life in my 40’s. I completed a Half Ironman in 2014, and then a Full Ironman in 2017. Most recently, I’ve been very passionate about Acroyoga!

What is Acroyoga?

According to yoga teacher Camilla Mia’s website, “Acroyoga is a fusion of yoga and acrobatics.”

She goes on to say, “Acroyoga takes elements from yoga such as presence, groundedness, breath, and mindfulness and mixes it with elements from acrobatics such as technique and athleticism. Acroyoga is a partner activity where you share your practice with others.”

Defying Age Spotlight - couple Acroyoga pose in front of a sunset
Tony & Partner at Sunset Acroyoga

Flexibility & Defying Age

Flexibility is the ability to move muscles and joints through a full normal range of motion.

Maintaining flexibility as we age slows down the aging process. Yoga is an excellent way to improve and maintain flexibility!

Defying Age Spotlight- Couple practicing Acroyoga
Acroyoga practice builds flexibility

What motivates you?

I like the way I feel, and how I feel about myself. After a long day at work, exercise gives me an outlet for my stress. I feel great after an intense workout!

In addition, I grew up overweight as a child. That time in my life has always stayed with me.

What habits do you attribute to defying age?

1) Use Sunscreen. All the time. I literally cover myself with sunscreen, to the extent that friends tease me about it.

2) Eat Well. Overall I eat pretty clean, however I do allow myself to indulge at times. I try to avoid too much red meat, and make most of my meals. Thanks to friends, I’ve been trying more vegetarian and vegan recipes.

3) Find your Tribe. A group of friends who are active and supportive are critical to your well being and aging well.

4) Exercise. Everyday I try to do some form of exercise. Sometimes I’m active a couple of times a day. I enjoy running, yoga, cycling, and lifting.

Tony holding his son after finishing an Ironman Triathalon
Tony with his son after his
Half Ironman Finish

When it comes to your health, is there anything you’d like to be doing differently?

I would like to get more quality sleep. I know about Sleep Hygiene, but I need to focus more on this area of my health.

Sleep Hygiene Explained

According to the website Sleep Foundation “Strong sleep hygiene means having both a bedroom environment and daily routines that promote consistent, uninterrupted sleep.”

I love this resource on sleep hygiene! It provides 15 different tips for improving sleep.

How do you envision your life at age 80?

With any luck, life at 80 would look similar to now. I will be doing what makes me happy and surrounded by people I love.

Buddhism says that everything changes and nothing lasts forever.  I do realize that as I age, I’ll get slower and less flexible.

I realize that I’ll have to be okay with that change, and may need to find other activities.

What advice do you have for those struggling to make their health a priority?

Don’t feel bad about the past or your current situation. Let that go and just get started! It can be as simple as walking a block.

For anyone struggling to get started, I would recommend finding a trainer or coach. Support can make all the difference!

Defying Age Spotlight - Picture of Tony jumping in the water
Tony Living his Best Life

Are you Defying Age?

If you, or someone in your life, would like to be featured in the Defying Age Spotlight, send us an email!

We’d love to share your experience! Contact us at info@agedefyingdietitian.com.

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