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Defying Age Spotlight: Shawn

Welcome to the Defying Age Spotlight. This regular segment will introduce you to an individual who is Defying Age!

Check out these everyday people who are making their health a priority. These amazing individuals will inspire you!

Only about 25% of Aging is genetics. The rest is up to you! Read on to learn about Shawn, our very first Defying Age Spotlight!

Picture of Defying Age Shawn Taylor

Shawn Taylor

Age: 52½  

Realtor & Personal Trainer

Tell us a little about yourself

“To be honest, I am a big ol’ cheese ball. I love to cook and pssst, I’m a closet dancer!   I live life very child-like. This is not to be confused with childish!”

“I love to look deeper, a bit beyond the superficial.  It helps with revelation.  Once you learn the story of a home or your client you can connect.”

“Connection makes it easier to serve my clients.  This is why marketing appeals to me…it’s about connecting and telling the story.”

Defying Age through Fitness

Prior to becoming a Realtor, Shawn was a very successful Personal Trainer. He continues to see personal training clients, despite moving into the busy world of real estate!

About 13 years ago, at about 40 years old, Shawn signed up for a Body Building Competition!

He wanted to learn how to best train his clients who showed an interest in these Fitness Competitions. Shawn won his first competition! He was “instantly hooked”!

Over the past 13 years, he has competed in 8 Body Building Shows and 5 Photo Shoot Competitions. Check out this photo below, wow!

Defying Age; Shawn Taylor modeling a fitness pose that highlights muscle definition
Shawn Taylor

What Motivates You?

“Truthfully, I love how it makes me feel.  I am a kid at heart. I love to run, jump, and play.

Just as important, I love the aesthetics! I love being able to wear certain clothes… and just being comfortable in my skin, LOL!”

Personal Habits you Attribute to Defying Age

“I’m a strong believer in prayer, and I don’t take myself too seriously.  I eat lots of greens: kohlrabi, kale, broccoli and cabbage.”

“I move…A LOT, and I love to have fun! Most would describe me as a big goofball!”

Is there anything you’d like to be doing differently when it comes to your health?

“Absolutely! I really should do more stretching and yoga-esque movements.  Stretching is the most underestimated, underutilized tool in any fitness arsenal!”

How do you envision your life at 80?

“I have no intention of slowing down EVER!  I have ancestors who have fought in wars at 85 years old! It is in my DNA.  I intend to follow suit, to some degree.”

What advice would you give to someone struggling to make their health a priority?

“What excites you?  You have to connect to that!  Whatever gets you up in the morning – this is where you should focus your health goals.”

“Family, career, attire, socializing, vacations, photos, being comfortable in your own skin… The list is endless. Find your Why!”

Are you Defying Age?

If you, or someone in your life, would like to be featured in the Defying Age Spotlight, send us an email!

We’d love to share your experience! Please contact us at info@agedefyingdietitian.com. Check out our blog for more Age-Defying topics.

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  1. I’ve known Katie for many years and after being the fitness industry for near 20 years I highly recommend her. You won’t find a more passionate professional for their clients than her. She walks out what she teaches. If you are struggling with diet in any form she will more than adequately resolve those concerns.

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