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Defying Age Spotlight: Shawn’s Playful Pursuit of Age-Defying Fitness

Welcome to the Defying Age Spotlight, where we celebrate ordinary people doing extraordinary things for their health and well-being!

Today, we meet Shawn, who proves that staying young is all about embracing your inner child, fueling your passions, and rocking awesome clothes with confidence!

Shawn Taylor
Shawn Taylor, Age 53

From Personal Trainer to Bodybuilding Beast

Shawn is both a successful personal trainer and a real estate agent.

At the age of 40, he surprised everyone (including himself) by signing up for a bodybuilding competition.

Driven by a desire to understand and train clients interested in these events, he went on to win his first competition and get hooked!

Over the next 13 years, Shawn competed in 8 bodybuilding shows and 5 photo shoot competitions, showcasing his dedication and impressive physique.

Shawn defying age through body building
Defying Age through Body Building

Motivation with a Double Dose of Fun

What keeps Shawn going?

Well, it’s not just about the trophies and the muscles.

Shawn genuinely loves the way fitness makes him feel. He’s a kid at heart who thrives on movement, whether it’s running, jumping, or simply playing around.

And who can blame him? Having the confidence to rock your favorite outfit and feel comfortable in your skin is a pretty awesome reward!

Shawn in a white shirt showing abs looking fit and confident
Fit & Confident

Beyond the Gym: Habits for a Happy Soul

Shawn’s secret weapons in his anti-aging arsenal?

Prayer, a healthy dose of laughter (he admits to being a big goofball!), and a serious love for leafy greens.

He also emphasizes the importance of movement, not just in the gym but in everyday life. Staying active doesn’t have to be a chore!

Always Room to Grow

Even with his impressive fitness journey, Shawn recognizes the importance of constant growth.

He’s open about his desire to incorporate more stretching and yoga into his routine, acknowledging that flexibility is often an overlooked aspect of fitness.

A Vision of Non-Stop Movement

Turning 80? Shawn doesn’t see that as a reason to slow down.

His family history of active octogenarian warriors fuels his determination to keep moving and enjoying life.

He believes that finding your “why” is key to staying motivated, whether it’s family, career, or simply feeling confident in your skin.

Shawn on the beach in a yoga pose
Shawn Taylor

Shawn’s Message to the Hesitant

Struggling to make health a priority? Shawn’s advice is simple: find what excites you!

Connect to your passions, whether it’s dancing in the kitchen, exploring nature, or mastering a new skill.

Once you find your “why,” your health goals will naturally fall into place.

Inspired by Shawn’s playful approach to fitness and life?

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  1. I’ve known Katie for many years and after being the fitness industry for near 20 years I highly recommend her. You won’t find a more passionate professional for their clients than her. She walks out what she teaches. If you are struggling with diet in any form she will more than adequately resolve those concerns.

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