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What are the Benefits of Collagen for Men?

Can men take collagen?

While collagen supplements are typically marketed toward women, many men wonder if they can also benefit from collagen peptides.

Let’s dive in and learn more about how men can benefit from this healthy aging supplement!

What is Collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. 

It is one of the main building blocks for our bones, skin, hair, muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

Why Do We Need Collagen?

Aging causes the breakdown of collagen.  You can see evidence of collagen breakdown in your wrinkles and fine lines.

Collagen breakdown doesn’t just impact your skin.  Loss of collagen weakens bones, making you more susceptible to breaks and fractures. 

In addition, the cartilage in your joints decreases, and your muscles lose strength with the loss of collagen.

Can Men Take Collagen? Agedefyingdietitian.com
What are the benefits of collagen for men?

Collagen Benefits for Men

1. Skin Health

Oral collagen supplements increase skin elasticity, hydration, and dermal collagen density. Collagen can also improve wound healing and delay skin aging.

2. Joint Health

A 2021 study found that collagen improved joint pain and stiffness, and increased mobility.

It was also observed that it is a safe Nutra-pharmaceutical in adults suffering from arthritis and other joint discomfort.

3. Muscle Recovery and Strength

Collagen contains amino acids that support the growth and repair of muscles.

A collagen supplement may promote recovery following exercise, enhance muscle strength, and promote lean muscle mass.

Collagen may enhance muscle strength in men; 2 men lifting weights in a gym
Collagen Benefits for Men

4. Bone Health

Bone loss greatly affects us as we age. Osteoporosis, or bone loss, increases the risk of fractures in the elderly.

This is a major contributor to a loss of independence with age.

Long-term supplementation with specific bioactive collagen peptides appears to be effective in counteracting losses in bone mineral density.

Considerations for Collagen

Collagen therapy does not cause any serious adverse reactions. No known medication interactions are present.

Some individuals may have allergies or sensitivities to sources of collagen, such as marine collagen derived from fish.

Carefully review the ingredient list on collagen supplements if you have allergies or sensitivities.

Talk with your healthcare provider before adding collagen to your wellness routine.

Collagen Supplements for Men

Unlock the full potential of collagen!

Choose a hydrolyzed collagen supplement.

Hydrolyzed collagen is broken down into smaller peptides, making it easier for your body to absorb and reap the benefits.

Dietitian-Recommended Collagen Supplements for Men

  1. Vital Vitamins Multi Collagen Complex
  2. Sports Research Collagen Peptides
  3. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Powder

How Much Collagen Should a Man Take?

A suggested daily dosage of collagen peptides may vary based on individual needs.

However, a commonly recommended dosage of collagen is about 10-20 grams per day.

Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer on your preferred supplement brand.

It is always best to consult your healthcare provider before adding any dietary supplement to your routine.

FAQs: Collagen Supplements for Men

Below are common questions men have about collagen supplements:

Is collagen just a supplement for women?

No, collagen is not just for women! Men can benefit from supplementation just as much as women.

How long does it take to see results?

Consistency is key with any dietary supplement. Incorporate collagen regularly for several weeks to notice its benefits.

Can men get enough collagen from their diet alone?

It is challenging to consume enough collagen in food to see significant benefits. Collagen supplements provide a convenient and concentrated source of collagen for men.

Does collagen increase testosterone?

No, there is no strong evidence that collagen directly increases testosterone levels. This is a common misconception.

Takeaways – Can Men Take Collagen?


Collagen offers benefits for both men and women including skin health, joint support, bone health, and muscle recovery.

After consulting with a healthcare provider, men should choose a high-quality collagen supplement and follow the recommended dosage.

Consistent use of collagen can provide many benefits that support healthy aging!

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