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Alternatives to Alcohol: A Gift Guide for the Sober Curious

Is someone in your life looking to reduce alcohol or live an alcohol free lifestyle?

Surprise them with a thoughtful gift, or offer one of these trendy beverages at your next gathering!

These gift sets are also a convenient way to try these alternatives out for yourself!

Learn more about Alternatives to Alcohol in this blog post-“Alcohol Alternatives: A Buzz without the Alcohol or the Hangover”.

Alternatives to Alcohol; group of people clinking glasses to cheers

What does it mean to be Sober Curious ?

According to Ruby Warrington, author of Sober Curious: The Blissful Sleep, Greater Focus, Limitless Presence, and Deep Connection Awaiting Us All on the Other Side of Alcohol, being Sober Curious means“to choose to question, or get curious about, every impulse, invitation, and expectation to drink, versus mindlessly going along with the dominant drinking culture.”

Difference between Sobriety & Sober Curiosity

Sobriety involves becoming sober due to Alcoholism or an Alcohol-use disorder.

On the other hand, Sober Curiosity is about choosing to abstain from alcohol for the physical and mental health benefits.

The Sober Curious Movement encourages an alcohol free lifestyle. However, the movement also welcomes individuals who aren’t willing, ready, or planning to give up alcohol completely.

Sober Living Sign

Who is Sober Curious?

A recent Civic Science Survey revealed Gen Z adults (ages 21-24) make up the largest numbers in the Sober Curious Movement. They are followed by young Millennials (ages 25-34).

Adults aged 55 and older are the least sober curious. Meanwhile, they make up the highest numbers of those abstaining from alcohol.

Alternatives to Alcohol & Healthy Aging

4 Older individuals clinking alternatives to alcohol at a picnic.

Consuming alcohol regularly can age you faster.  Alcohol has a larger impact on your physical and mental health as you age.

You dehydrate easier, your organs weaken quicker, your brain cells shrink, and you get sick more easily.

Alcohol worsens common medical conditions.  It can interact with medications, and can increase your risk of falls.

Consider Alcohol Alternatives to support Healthy Aging!

Buzzworthy Alternatives to Alcohol

Colorful Alternatives to Alcohol in different glasses

The Sober Curious Movement, along with Sober October and Dry January have generated an uptick in the demand for booze-free alternatives to alcohol.

Alternatives to Alcohol offer an option for the Sober Curious to celebrate without the alcohol or the hangover!

US retail sales of non-alcoholic spirits grew 116% to $4.5 million, according to NielsenIQ. Alcoholic spirit sales slipped about 1% to just under $21 billion.

The demand for alternatives has produced better products than previous non-alcoholic options.

Alternatives to Alcohol Gift Guide

Red Present with a Red Bow

Check out these holiday gifts for your Sober Curious friends & family! Alternatives to alcohol make excellent host/hostess gifts.

Offering these popular options at your Holiday party will surely be a conversation starter. You’ll be surprised at the number of Sober Curious party guests!

Some of the alternatives below contain a small amount of alcohol per volume. These are not suitable for individuals who should abstain from alcohol.

Better Rhodes Holiday Hosting Pack

Alternatives to Alcohol-Better Rhodes Holiday Hosting Pack product pictures
Better Rhodes Holiday Hosting Pack

This Holiday Hosting Pack from Better Rhodes makes it easy to offer a variety of options to your Sober Curious guests. Your pack includes the following four products.

  • Wander + Found Cuvée Blanc (0.5% ABV white wine)
  • Zeero Sangiovese (0.5% alcohol red wine)
  • 4 pack of Hiyo’s Stress Relieving Tonic ( 0% non-alcoholic, alcohol-free seltzer with Adaptogens)
  • Big Drop Brewing Company’s Near Beer (0.5% ABV)

Raising the Bar’s Monthly Mocktail Box

Raising the Bar Monthly Mocktail Box
Raising the Bar’s Monthly Mocktail Box

This subscription service delivers non-alcoholic cocktail ingredients to make your own mocktails at home.

Raising the Bar offers one, three, six, and 12 month subscriptions.

Each box includes the ingredients to make four servings of the drink of the month, plus a garnish or piece of bar ware!

Kava Starter Kit for Two

Kava in a wooden bowl

A supplement known as Kava may mimic alcohol’s effects.  This plant native to the Pacific Islands may also aid in relaxation, stress relief, and sleep*.

Kava.com’s Starter Kit for 2 contains instructions to perfect your drink making skills.

The kit includes powered root, muslin extraction bag, lemongrass, and two hand-crafted acacia wood cups.

*Consult your health care provider before consuming Kava. It may interact with some medications.

Seedlip’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits Gift Set

Seedlip's Non-Alcoholic Spirits Gift Set
Seedlip’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits Gift Set

This Gift Set from Seedlip includes two of their most popular spirits – Spice 94 and Garden 108.

Mix these spirits with tonic water, or other mixer, for a non-alcoholic cocktail.

Magic Kick’s Alternative to Alcohol

Magic Kick's three bottles of alternatives to alcohol
Magic Kick

An Adaptogen beverage line, Magic Kick, was created by Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing reality star, Fredrik Eklund.

Eklund’s line includes three beverage options named for their desired effect- Party (Blueberry Chai)Sex, (Pomegranate Lime), and Sleep (Blueberry Lavendar).

A Magic Bundle is available to sample all three varieties. The pretty bottles make for a perfect host/hostess gift!

However, you may have to wait until New Year’s to try this trendy alternative. Unfortunately, Magic Kick is sold out until 12/15/22.

De Soi’s Bubby Bundle

De Soi The Bubbly Bundle
The Bubbly Bundle

De Soi, co-founded by singer Katy Perry, offers non-alcoholic Apéritifs made with natural Adaptogens.

An Apéritif is a refreshing alcoholic drink served before meals to stimulate the appetite.

De Soi’s Bubby Bundle Holiday Set includes their three Non-Alcoholic ApéritifsGolden Hour, Champignon Dreams, & Purple Lune.

The Bubby Bundle also includes four multi-colored stemless wine glasses!

Adaptogenic Cocktail Discovery Kit Bundle

Adaptogenic Cocktail Discovery Kit Bundle

Boisson’s Adaptogenic Cocktail Discovery Kit Bundle offers a variety of different brands of non-alcoholic Adaptogen drinks.

This bundle is a great gift. It’s also a perfect way to provide a sampling of alternatives to your Sober Curious guests!


Alternatives to Alcohol are increasing in popularity. Sober Curious individuals are interested in socializing without the alcohol or the hangover.

The items above make for thoughtful gifts, holiday party beverages, or a host/hostess gift!

Do you have any alternatives to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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