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2023 Food Trends [Dietitian Approved]

2023 Food Trends have arrived! These “Dietitian Approved” food trends below support Healthy Aging.

Incorporate these trends in your pursuit of Age-Defying Wellness!

1. Blueberries – 2023 Food Trend that Supports Brain Health

Blueberries have been shown to improve memory and executive function, which tend to deteriorate with age.

There is more of a focus on healthy aging than ever!  Life expectancy has increased, and odds are you will live past 80. 

One of the most feared parts of aging is the potential onset of dementia and the associated loss of independence.

Blueberries are showing promise in maintaining brain function as we age!

Blueberries’ Fast-Acting Brain Benefits

An additional study has demonstrated blueberries’ benefits in children.  And, the improvements weren’t seen after 12 weeks of eating berries, but within hours of just a single meal with blueberries!

Ways to Incorporate Blueberries into your Diet:

  • Eat them as they are!
  • Blend into your favorite smoothies or protein shakes.
  • Mix into greek yogurt or frozen yogurt.
  • Use them as a topping on a high fiber cereal.
  • Add them to muffins and quick breads.

2023 Food Trends-Blueberries pouring out of a tipped over basket
2023 Food Trends: Blueberries

2. Microgreens – a 2023 Food Trend that Fights Inflammation

Microgreens are vegetables in their tiny sprout form. There are 60 different varieties! Popular examples include Broccoli, Arugula, and Sunflower.

Microgreens are a great source of Vitamins and Minerals, including Antioxidants!

Foods containing Antioxidants reduce Chronic Inflammation and decrease your risk of diseases like Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Dementia.

Microgreens-More Nutrients than Vegetables!

A 2018 literature review “The Science behind Microgreens as an Exciting New Food for the 21st Century” found these tiny greens may contain up to 40 times the nutrients of a mature vegetable plant!

These rich sources of Vitamins and Minerals also benefit your immune system, which decreases your risk of getting sick.

How to Add Microgreens to your Diet

  • Garnish soup, pasta, and dips.
  • Toss them into salads.
  • Top your favorite pizza.
  • Add to sandwiches and wraps for added texture.
  • Blend into your favorite smoothies or protein shakes.
  • Jazz up your morning eggs or omelet.

Check out the Age-Defying Dietitian’s previous blog post on Best Microgreens for Healthy Aging to learn more about these nutrition rock stars!

2023 Food Trends: Microgreens on top of a dish of fresh salsa
2023 Food Trends: Microgreens

3. Alcohol Alternatives – a 2023 Food Trend that Promotes Healthy Aging

Living a life free of alcohol is increasingly popular!

Wellness trends like Dry January, and the Sober Curious Movement promote sobriety for health.

The increasing growth of non-alcoholic beverage trends across the U.S. is being reflected in sales figures.

NielsenIQ reports between August 2021 and August 2022, total dollar sales of non-alcoholic drinks in the US stood at $395 million, showing a year-on-year growth of +20.6%.

Alcohol Alternative Options

Several options are available for “Sober Curious” individuals including Mocktails, Non-Alcoholic Spirits, Adaptogen drinks, Kava, and CBD drinks to name a few. 

You can learn more about Alternatives to Alcohol in this previous Age-Defying Dietitian blog post-“Alcohol Alternatives: A Buzz without the Alcohol or the Hangover”.

3 Fruit-filled Mocktails with ice and garnish
2023 Food Trends: Mocktails

4. Collagen Supplements: a 2023 Food Trend with Multiple Healthy Aging Benefits

A Review of the Effects of Collagen Treatment in Clinical Studies in 2021, deemed collagen as one of the most important supplements for aging people.

Collagen Explained

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body.  It is part of the muscles, bone, hair, and ligaments. 

When it comes to our skin, collagen provides our skin structure and elasticity. 

Aging causes collagen breakdown.  From early adulthood (~age 30), collagen production declines by about 1% per year. 

Benefits of Collagen Supplements

A 2021 grouped analysis of studies showed favorable results of hydrolyzed collagen supplementation compared with placebo in terms of improved skin hydration, elasticity, and wrinkles. 

Additional advantages of Collagen Supplements found in this review included, relieving joint pain, preventing bone loss, boosting muscle mass, and treating disease.

Diseases with potential benefits from Collagen include Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and GERD (better known as reflux or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease).

How to Add a Collagen Supplement to your Wellness Routine

  • Add to water (it is flavorless & odorless).
  • Mix in with your morning coffee or tea.
  • Blend into smoothies and shakes.
  • Mix into oatmeal and yogurt.

Check out this recipe for our Anti-Aging Drink with Peanut Butter, Bananas, and Collagen Peptides.

Recommended Collagen Supplements

I recommend Vital Proteins Collagen products. Specifically their Vital Proteins Original Collagen Peptides.

In addition, I recently have been using their Daily Foundational Support, one of their new Collagen peptide products from their Vital Proteins Professional Line.

*Always talk to your Physician before adding any Dietary Supplement to your wellness routine.

Hand holding a spoonful of Collagen Protein Powder, adding it to a cup of coffee.
2023 Food Trends: Collagen Supplements

5. Medjool Dates: a 2023 Food Trend that will Satisfy your Sweet Tooth

Medjool Dates are trending as one of the most popular natural sweeteners.

Since they are a whole fruit, you get fiber along with natural sugar. Fiber prevents the spike in your blood sugar that you see with refined sugar.

In addition to fiber, Medjool dates contain vitamins and minerals including potassium, magnesium, iron, and calcium.

They also contain Antioxidants that fight chronic inflammation, a contributor to chronic diseases like Diabetes and Dementia.

Medjool Dates as a Caramel Substitute

Perhaps the best part of these dates is their rich taste, and soft, chewy texture. They make a fantastic substitute for caramel!

Check out the video below to learn how to make these Snicker Stuffed Dates. They’re easy to make and really do taste like Snickers!

How to Add Medjool Dates to your Diet

  • Eat dates as a sweet snack on their own.
  • Add them to cereal or yogurt.
  • Top your salads with dates for a touch of sweetness.
  • Use them as a natural sweetener in desserts, sauces, and dishes.
Bowl of Dates
2023 Food Trends: Mejool Dates


Food trends come and go! The above trends are Dietitian approved and support Healthy Aging.

Try out one (or all) of these nutrient-packed foods to get your 2023 wellness routine off to a great start!

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